Who will stand up for Guelph?

This past week our MP announced “…it isn’t up to backbenchers like himself to call for an open and transparent investigation into an allegation that former attorney general Jody Wilson-Raybould was pressured by the Prime Minister’s Office to help SNC-Lavalin avoid criminal prosecution…”

This is troubling to read, because if our link to Parliament doesn’t have the confidence in his voice to take on the leader of his party who will stand up for Guelph? The issue of going against one’s party is complicated and typically hurts an MP’s ability to move forward within Government. Not every MP has the strength of conviction like Michael Chong or Wayne Long. I don’t have issue with our MP not wanting to break ranks with every issue that comes up, but rather not believing the backbencher’s job is to stand up for what is right.

Wayne Long (a backbencher himself), didn’t rush to judgement to convict the government without cause, but properly spoke up to advance an investigation to ensure we get answers. Advancing public discourse, finding truth and basing decisions off fact is exactly the type of thing a backbencher should be doing. Backbenchers need to be able to hold government accountable for their actions as that is the job they signed up for and the job they need to do. Who will stand up for Guelph if our representative believes it is someone else’s job to ensure the government is being held accountable? Guelph needs a leader and we are not going to find it in our current MP. I am seeking the Conservative nomination to ensure Guelph has representation that will hold the government accountable and bring a voice of leadership back to Guelph. Backbencher or Minister – an elected representative needs to be strong in their convictions.

I am a leader who will not shy away from his convictions and regardless of government will fight for what is right. I am the leader that Guelph needs.

Thank you

Derek Matisz