Leadership for Guelph

Last summer in the height of NAFTA negotiations, rather than address the electorate and have a conversation with the city, our MP decided to send out leaflets of him enjoying various BBQ’s and festivals. I am a fan of BBQ’s and festivals, but not when thousands of jobs and our economy is hanging in the balance. This is indicative of Liberal leadership and shows how out of touch the Guelph ruling Liberals have been over the past few decades.   This was the moment I decided to run for office with the purpose of ensuring our voices are being heard and having difficult conversations with the public when they are needed. Guelph needs a leader! 

I have served on several Conservative boards, both Federally and Provincially, and I am a strong principled Conservative. I will fight to keep taxes low, reject the Carbon tax, increase transit in the area,  increase investment in the city, strengthen borders and help repair Canada’s image on a world stage. The Liberal’s need to be held accountable for racking up huge deficits,  and not delivering to Guelph on many key promises.  Guelph needs a leader!

My background has allowed me to work with stakeholders with varying viewpoints to work towards a common goal. Regardless of political orientation, I want to hear all views and make the most appropriate decisions to make Guelph a stronger community rather than send out staged photos of BBQ’s and other events.

I would appreciate your support in my quest to turn Guelph Blue again and bring in a Conservative Government. I would love to answer questions that you have or any ideas you would like to share on how to make the city or country better. 

I have a great team behind me and will work day and night to ensure you are being represented in Ottawa. 

Derek Matisz