Dynamic Representation for Guelph!

With deep roots in Guelph, I am connected to the community and want a better future for Guelph. As a seasoned Senior Executive and active community member,  I have a unique perspective and broad range of experience to serve our community and turn the riding of Guelph blue again!

I am committed to bringing energy, balance and a voice back to Guelph. My priorities are:

  • Open Government: All facets of government should be open to the people to voice their opinions regardless of political view or background. I will work hard to provide channels for your opinions and feedback on a regular basis
  • Active Communication: Government communication should continue to improve to ensure all Guelph citizens understand how government can serve them. I am committed to finding new, innovative ways and working harder to ensure you know how the government can help you
  • Transparent Spending: Government has an obligation to ensure the people of Guelph and Canada are getting value for each dollar that is being spent. Everyone in Guelph should be assured that your dollars are being put to good use and dollars are being invested in our community anything not being spent should be given back to you
  • Economic Development: Government has a strong role to play ensuring Guelph continues to expand economically. We need to create an environment that attracts new business and helps Guelph based business to continue to grow. Guelph has a lot to offer the business community and time we take advantage of our unique situation

I am committed to developing strong partnerships with the citizens and business owners in Guelph to build a community that we are proud to live in. I will work hard to ensure you feel proud of your government and re-building federal government presence in Guelph.

I need your help to win the Conservative nomination as only Conservative members of Guelph can vote in the nomination contest. Please buy a membership by clicking here.

I am the best advocate for Guelph and the best person to bring the riding back to the Conservatives.


Mobile: (519) 831-0611